CTL offers tuition assistance for families who qualify. When applying for admissions using the online TADS admission system, check the box that indicates that your family would like to be considered for tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance applications must be completed by February 15. Families will be notified of their assistance qualification as part of the admissions package, by March 10.

Tuition assistance at CTL is generously supported by Nancie Atwell’s donation of the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize. Nancie was the inaugural recipient of this honor, a significant and lasting acknowledgement of her work’s impact on teaching and learning around the globe.

Students from the towns of Alna and Westport can use town tuition to fund their CTL education from kindergarten to eighth grade. West Bath students can access town tuition for grades 6-8. Students from the towns of Edgecomb, Southport and Georgetown can use town tuition for grades 7 and 8. During your admissions conversation with Katy Inman, ask for more information if you live in one of these towns.


  1. Fill out a TADS online application for admission to CTL.
  2. Check the box to apply for Tuition Assistance. The program will prompt you to enter new information to determine Tuition Assistance.
  3. Upload supplemental documents such as tax forms.

Info graphic options:

Students who receive tuition assistance directly from the Center for Teaching and Learning


36 out of 69 receive tuition assistance of some kind (More than 50% of students)

Average tuition assistance award package: $6,228

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