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CTL Mission Statement

The Center for Teaching and Learning is a K-8 demonstration school dedicated to the development and dissemination of authentic, joyful methods for teaching across the curriculum.  

We seek to teach and influence both a cross-section of children of mid-coastal Maine and, through our intern program, speeches, and publications, classroom teachers throughout the U.S.

Why CTL?

“It’s like a cozy fabric, almost like a hammock, that, when we’re in it as a family, it just holds us. That’s how I feel about this school.” – CTL parent

“We continue to support the work of the school by donating to the annual fund, not just because our child benefitted so much, but because the world benefits from what a CTL education delivers: curious, confident and capable kids…” – CTL alum parent

“CTL instills a love of reading and critical thinking, and being your own person. When I see my grandchildren after school, they are excited to talk about what they did that day, which I think is rare. CTL has done so much for them.” – CTL grandparent

“I can attribute successes in my adult life to my ability to communicate and express myself. I believe CTL was really instrumental in helping me to find my voice and to express my perspective and feelings I’m very grateful for that.” – CTL alum and current parent

“My kids have learned as much about how to connect with others and develop positive relationships as they have about math and reading, which is no small achievement. The school has been a true partner in raising our children, and the skills they have gained in all areas of their lives are ones that we could not have instilled on our own.” – CTL parent

The Head of School, Katy Inman, is available to speak with prospective families. Please email katy@c-t-l.org or call CTL at 207-882-9706. 

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