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The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

January 27, 2017

It all starts when a deadly disease sweeps across sixteen-year-old Kaelyn’s island  after her best friend leaves for school on the main land without saying goodbye. It seems that there is no chance of survival for anyone, especially when the government quarantines the island. Soon protests start to fill the usually-bare streets, spreading sickness through the whole town.

Leaving few healthy, it’s up to Kaelyn, her dad, and a group of new friends to find a cure. As the hunt for the cure continues, the disease spreads, putting the hopeful heroes at risk. These determined teenagers must use their knowledge of survival to save the human race, even while their own lives are in danger due to the contagion.

This novel by Megan Crewe is split into different sections as the characters enter each phase of their journey, written by Kaelyn as journal entries. Within those phases the chapters go by days, making it easy to follow the progress—and—problems that Kaelyn faces.

From the first page I was sucked in. Obviously most teenagers don’t need to find a cure to save the human race, but I found Kaelyn easy to relate to her personal problems. Right before the disease hits, her best friend has left without a goodbye to attend her dream school, and throughout the book  Crewe incorporates letters written to her from Kaelyn. Another problem  Kaelyn is forced to face is that her older brother is never around to help her care for their home and quarantined mother, while her dad spends days and nights on end at the hospital caring for the diseased.

In The Way We Fall Crewe layers theme deep inside every problem Kaelyn faces. Some themes that emerge are based around family and the importance of life and love. But as the plot thickens, Kaelyn is forced to face the harshness of reality and must consider how to cope with death and anger. One of the main themes I found was is learning to forget everything bad you have ever done in the past and focus on the now.

The Way We Fall is the first book in the Fallen World: a series of four books that follows Kaelyn and her journey to stop the lethal disease.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves compelling stories about dedication, loss, and adventure—but also anybody who is into contemporary realistic fiction and wants to try something more dystopian. However, even if you’re not into those genres and themes, I would tell anyone that The Way We Fall is a must read. Crewe included so much character development it feels like I grew up with Kaelyn and her friends and family.You will definitely not regret trying this amazing book.

This story reveals how Kaelyn reacted when she was put up to the test of saving the human race. But what would you do if everyone’s life was on the line and you were the only one who could save them?


Hyperion, 309 pages

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