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Traitor, by Andy McNab and Robert Rigby

May 26, 2009

traitorDanny Watts, a teen living in modern day London, tries out for the army, but George Finchim of MI6 prevents him because of his hatred for Danny’s grandfather, Fergus Watts. Then Danny sets out to find his grandfather, who is accused of being a traitor to both Colombia and England. When Danny finally finds his grandfather, they travel together through England to evade MI6 and find out who the true traitor is.

I rated this book a ten because there are lots of details that seem to play like a movie in my mind, such as describing exactly where a bullet hole is and exactly where the bullet comes from, all in one smooth paragraph. The book also has lots of action: Danny and Fergus getting shot at, or Danny and Fergus running away, or Danny and Fergus having a punching fight.  All the action kept me reading.  The book is like a ladder; I am climbing and climbing and then the ladder drops away and leaves me hanging, which makes me ask:  What will happen? Will they die? How will this end?

I hope anyone who has a taste for espionage will read this because it will satisfy your taste buds for reading.


Publisher: Putnam, 265 pages

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