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The Sky Inside, by Clare B. Dunkle

May 28, 2009

skyinsideMartin lives in a dome;  a dome like a snow globe that doesn’t lead to the outside world, except for one loading dock, where luckily, Martin’s dad works. There’s a painted sky to decorate the roof with no moving clouds, just sun and warmth all the time. The weather doesn’t change; the same thing everyday for their whole life.  No one in the globe has biological parents; everyone is an import baby who’s made in a science lab, so you can “Buy a baby!”  There are also some regular-looking people who are not really normal beings, but robots that live both in the dome and outside it.

When Martin’s younger sister, a “Wonder Baby” (a type of lab child), gets taken away from him, he wonders if they really are taking her to a “better place.” With his robot dog that amazingly can open any door with any lock, he ventures through the shipment bank on a quest to find his sister and see if the sky outside is really that bad.

The fact that everyone lives in a dome adds a lot to the story, because if you think about how now it’s perfectly fine to be outside, you would think, well, what’s the point of living inside the whole time when there is a beautiful world outside that you can enjoy? But, in the domes, they are told that the air outside is poisonous, and when Martin decides to go outside, I was excited and fearful because no one had ever been outside. It is an unknown space, wild and deserted, and was never thought to exist by anyone, except for Martin.  Outside the dome, the beautiful rises of hills and dips of valleys with long flowing grass layering them are never seen by a human eye.  Martin experiences the uniqueness of the outside and feels safe. But is he really all that safe?

I rated this book a ten because it drew me in. I could feel like I was there beside Martin watching him the whole time walking through what he did;  I felt his feelings.  When his sister was taken away, I was really cheerless and not able to deal with her being gone;  I also felt like I wanted to run after the box like I needed to get her back, just as Martin did.


Publisher:  Ginee Seo Books, 240 pages

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