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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, by E. Lockhart

May 7, 2009

frankielandauAt age fourteen, Frankie Landau-Banks is still her father’s “bunny rabbit” and a member of her high school Debate Club. She attends Alabaster, a competitive boarding school. But in the summer before her sophomore year, Frankie changes. She becomes confident, stronger, and, most significantly, beautiful. Suddenly, she has a new, senior boyfriend named Matthew Livingston, who’s gorgeous, word-obsessed, and funny. But there’s something going on with him. Frankie wonders where Matt goes on all those secret meetings with his friend, Alpha, why he is canceling their dates, and what that “something” is that Alpha’s so concerned about her not knowing. The answer challenges Frankie and changes her yet again.

I adored Frankie. She is a strong, well-developed character who is easy to relate to. I felt as if I knew her personally because of how E. Lockhart put me inside her head and heart. I felt everything she was feeling because it was so realistic and well described. She could easily be a real girl.

I thought that the supporting characters were realistic as well, including their reactions. For example, Alpha’s and Matthew’s responses to some of the things Frankie says or does are believable, even if they don’t produce a happy ending.

The conclusion in this book is bittersweet. It caught me by surprise, and I liked how it wasn’t predictable but was realistic. It left me satisfied.

I highly recommend The Disreputable History, especially to female fans of novels by Sarah Dessen and Deb Calletti. It is a page turner and a ten, for sure.


Publisher:   Hyperion, 342 pages

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