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Storm Catchers, by Tim Bowler

May 18, 2010

BowlerOne stormy night, Ella gets kidnapped, when her parents are out to dinner with friends and Fin, her oldest brother, goes to his friend’s Billy’s house without permission. Ella has to baby-sit Sam, her younger brother, but she is afraid of being home alone in their old Victorian house.  When Sam falls asleep, she starts to hear a tapping sound downstairs. She makes herself investigate.  When she gets downstairs, she hears the sound coming from the sitting room window. She opens the curtain and there is a kidnapper standing in front of her.  The rest of the book is about her family trying to find her and Fin dealing with this tragedy.

On a scale of one to ten, I rated this book a ten because it is filled with suspense.  Tim Bowler makes you sympathize for all the characters and wonder who the kidnapper is and how he or she is connected to the family. If the book was written-in first person you would only have the main character’s thoughts, so his opinion would be the only opinion. For example, to make the book suspensful, Tim Bowler lets you know some things that the characters in the book don’t know, but he doesn’t reveal everything. Like you know where Ella is but the characters in the book don’t.

Tim Bowler wrote the book in third person. I think he does that to separate yourself from the characters, and lets you form your own opinions of who the kidnapper is.

The main character is Fin because the book is centered around him trying to find Ella. I think Fin is a more sensitive teenager and very protective of Ella. For example when he finds out about Ella he was crying and blaming the kidnap on himself because he was sad and he knew if he was with Ella, the kidnapping wouldn’t have happened.

So all of these different things make a great book.  You should definitely read it.


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