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Rebound, by Bob Krech

May 7, 2009

rebound1This is a book about a white kid named Raymond Widniewski who wants to make the all-black varsity basketball team. After he’s cut from the team two years in a row, a new coach shows up at Franklin High, and suddenly Ray makes the team after all. As his game progresses, he learns that race doesn’t matter— that it’s about being who you want to be— and about basketball.

I rated this book a ten out of ten because the description is excellent. I could see and feel everything, especially when Ray is playing basketball. I felt like I was experiencing everything right along with him. The main character development is also great, because the changes in Ray are both physical and mental: as his game improves, he also learns not to think about race but about who the other people around him really are.

This is a novel you can almost read in one day, because it’s so easy to get lost in the story. There are funny parts and suspenseful ones. I recommend Rebound to anyone who likes sports fiction: I think you would enjoy experiencing high school and basketball alongside Ray Widniewski.


Publisher:   Marshall Cavendish, 271 pages

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