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Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn

July 7, 2010

FlynnThis book is about Libby Day, whose family was brutally murdered, supposedly, by her brother Ben Day, who nobody really knows much about.  The book is set thirty years later when Libby is thirty-seven and is about her trying to prove that her brother is not guilty. It skips back and forth from between when she is seven and thirty-seven. I would definitely rate this book a ten because it didn’t give any hints about who committed the murder and made the reader wait anxiously to the end.  Other titles by her are Sharp Objects which has gotten good reviews and has a praise section on the back of Dark Places and they were all great.  This book left me feeling satisfied that I found out how the family was killed, who did it, and why.

It is written in first person and it works effectively because you need flashbacks to understand how life was before the murders, like almost every other chapter is a flashback along with the time, date, and the point of view.  I think it works because it does show how the family was run.

This book is jam-packed, and if you skip, you will miss something and won’t understand the ending, which is one of my favorites.  You must pay attention to descriptive parts because they have lots of clues like when she first met Lyle Werth.  I skipped that part and had to go back, so be careful and don’t skim.  If you find yourself skimming, stop reading this book, because it is very dense.  I would say that she writes like a realistic J.R.R. Tolkien because it was so jam-packed with information yet the genres are very different.  J.R.R. Tolkien writes fantasy but their books are both very dense with many characters that get mixed up and you have to read a lot a night to remember them all, or have a very good memory.

This book is appropriate for 6th grade and up because of strong language, violence, and boy/girl stuff.  I would not recommend this to anyone that is under twelve because they just won’t understand it and will not enjoy the true concept of the book, which is more than just finding the killer.


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