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The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey

February 2, 2018

Will Henry doesn’t have an ordinary life; he has a career of monstrumology all planed out for him. He’s battled against the anthropophagi, in Yancey’s first book, but he and readers wonder if he has what it takes to defeat the elusive Wendigo, which the ancient story describes as, “he who eats all mankind.” The Wendigo is said to be up to twelve feet tall, and it is so slender that it can’t be seen from the side. The more it eats human flesh the hungrier it becomes, and once it catches a person’s scent it will hunt for days until it finds the perfect moment to strike.

The main characters in The Curse of the Wendigo are Will Henry, Dr. Pellinore Wathrop, and John Chanler. The doctor’s best friend has gone missing in the woods of Canada. looking for the myth of the Wendigo. So Henry and the doctor are heading to the woods to find him or it – whichever they discover first.

The genre of Rick Yancey’s book is horror and paranormal, and if you don’t like gore and horror this is not the book you should be reading. I loved this novel because it was a real page-turner, and throughout the story Yancey keeps a steady pace. Readers should make sure to read the first book or they won’t really get this one. The Monstrumologist won a Michael Printz Honor Award, and I liked it better because it was more fast-paced and creepier than this book. This book is gorier and just straight out strange, which does make it enjoyable.

I loved this novel because I had never read a book quite like this one. This series is like a young adult version of the Goosebumps novels, so it’s a lot scarier, gorier, and includes everything that has to do with nightmares. I recommend this to anyone that can look past the gore and frightening parts of the novel and see how well-developed Yancey’s story is because the shock factors are not the only features that makes this book good. Rick Yancey also wrote the 5th wave series and, if you haven’t read that trilogy I highly recommend it.

There are four books in this series: the first one is the best and the quality falls off as they go on, as I have heard from a number of readers. Later the books are slower with not as much detail. It’s possible that Yancey ran out of material because he already included so much in the first two books, and he didn’t want to repeat plot lines he had already written.

This series is meant to be read, and I hope you accept the challenge.


Simon & Shuster BFYR, 424 Pages

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