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Champion by Marie Lu

February 3, 2021

Daniel “Day” Alten Wing is a teenager who used to live on the streets as the government’s most wanted and dangerous criminal. Since those days, he has changed to become the most-liked person by the people in the government and is in a high-ranked military position. June Iparis is around the same age as Day and, after figuring out what happened in her brother’s death, was made one of the Princeps-Elects. June and Day have very strong stories about how they got to be the way they are: both have gone through sacrifices and loss of family. 

Champion is the third book in Marie Lu’s Legend series, and it has a very high-tension plot, with the main problem being that the colonies are angry at the government because they have accused it of spreading a deadly virus, which it doesn’t yet have a cure for. The colonies decide they must threaten to attack and destroy the government. The government stands no chance if it’s attacked, so it needs the cure fast: the colonies have helicopters and well trained soldiers. So Day has to risk his brother’s life—who is the last of his family members left—if he wants to save their country, because the scientists found that the virus started from Eden, Day’s brother.  

This book is written in first person perspective, and each chapter alternates between the two voices, which I thought really worked well for knowing what both Day and June are thinking, even when they are split up, or what their thoughts are when thinking about each other. 

One thing I think Marie Lu did well was that each character that made an appearance added to the plot. There weren’t any characters without a purpose in the book. The author has a very strong bias towards the two main characters, which makes readers almost feel their problems and issues with the virus, as well as their work at jobs they do. I found this very effective, and it helped me enjoy the book more. 

The genres of this novel are science fiction, strong, fast-paced action adventure, with a good mellow mystery as the Plague virus spreads and characters work to figure out a cure for it. The book also features chase scenes, some violence, and an unexpected romance between the two main characters. All of this combines to create a wide range of types of books. It is very similar to the books earlier in the Legend series, so I would recommend reading this right after reading the others. It is a good page-turner and really the audience into the story. 

I rated this book a ten out of ten and really liked the action-packed scenes of antagonists and protagonists facing off, and would recommend this book to anyone who has read the other books in the series or Marie Lu’s other series, Warcross. The tension that Lu has built up in Champion makes any reader want to keep reading. 


G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 339 Pages

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