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Bringing Down the House, by Ben Mezrich

January 29, 2014

Bringing Down the HouseIn Las Vegas, six M.I.T. students came ready to win big —a little too big. This book is the inside story of how these kids literally “broke” the bank through all of their winnings. Not everything they did to get this money was legal though. Could these kids get caught for counting cards and have to give back their millions? Or would they get away with it?

I rated this book a perfect ten. The action started right away. You could tell everything that was going on right from the first page. I finished this book in three days, which is very fast for me. This was one of the few books I devoted most of my time to reading.

The lead to Bringing Down the House was amazing. Mezrich gave readers a sneak peak of their winnings and how they won in Chapter One. Then he tells you about his experience meeting these students in the second chapter. Chapter Three is really where the story takes off and tells these kids’ stories from the start.

The theme of this book was that money corrupts you and can have a negative effect on you. We all face this problem sometime in our lives. I noticed the theme in Chapter Two, when Mezrich had $25,000 strapped to him as he was going past security to board a plane. This showed that he would put himself in a dangerous situation, just for money.

This book is an amazing story about winning big in Vegas and using your strengths to help you. It also opens up a reader’s eyes to seemingly impossible things. Bringing Down the House is a book everyone should try.


Free Press, 257 Pages.

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