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Be More Chill, by Ned Vizzini

February 13, 2012

Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini is a hilarious novel about a boy named Jeremy Heere, who most people would describe as the biggest geek in his high school. Jeremy leads the life of an average teenaged boy, trying to get his crush Christine—the most popular girl in school—to notice that he exists. When Jeremy goes to a school dance and talks to Rich, another popular kid, he learns what a squip is. That’s when Jeremy’s life changes. Squips are pills that, once swallowed, sample information from the brain and then speak to the person, who communicates back through his thoughts.

The lead drew me in with funny visuals and dialogue that made me laugh out loud. From when Vizzini built up to Rich telling Jeremy about the squip, and ever after, I never lost interest. There wasn’t a moment when I wanted to be reading something else. The ending surprised me so much that it is now my favorite conclusion to any book.

I read this book in four or five days and never wanted to put it down. Vizzini created Be More Chill with one-of-a-kind humor and characters that the reader will never forget. Vizzini also wrote Teen Angst? Naaah and It’s Kind of a Funny Story, which I rated a ten.

I rated Be More Chill a nine because although I loved the story, I didn’t love some of the language in the book. I should have expected it, being put inside a teenaged boy’s mind, but it’s still no excuse.

I recommend Be More Chill to anyone who can look past the language and is ready for a funny, intriguing ride inside Jeremy Heere’s life as, with the help of his inner voice, he tried to leave geekdom behind.


Hyperion Books for Children, 287 pages

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