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I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

February 13, 2016

I_Am_Number_Four_CoverNine Loriens escape from their planet after being attacked by dozens of Mogadoriens. The Lorien Alien nine go to Earth, but the Mogadoriens follow them a few months later on a quest to finally destroy all Loriens that are still alive. The nine survivors all have powers that develop over time. They all split up to different states and countries and with mentors that act as parents and teachers to them and help them live grow their powers, in order to someday to be ready to defend themselves.

The main problem in this novel by Pittacus Lore is that the nine need to grow and master their powers so they can fight back and kill the Mogadoriens, which is the main problem in the book. I think that the Lore crafted that conflict well. He was able to bring the characters to life, and draw the reader in to make it seem like he or she is in the book along with the characters.

During the novel the nine develop more powers, have fights with the Mogs, who are always looking and hunting the Nine down, especially the main character named John Smith who is Number Four. The Loriens have to be killed in order by the Mogs. If they go out of order it will have a reverse effect and make the person die who-is trying to kill them. When the book begins One, Two, and Three have been killed-now they are after Number Four.

John’s life is fun: he enjoys himself, he goes to school, and there is even a romance between him and Saharh, but as a Lorien in hiding he has a big secret to keep from his friends and his girlfriend, which is another main problem.

Number Four’s mentor is named Henri, and I think the author Lore has crafted every character to add new meaning to the book. He gives each one powers, and their character development is all based around them growing their powers to fight back.

Lore crafted the theme and plot with details about what the Nine are there for, how they will survive, and how to fend for themselves while also helping others in danger. I would rate this book a ten because the author makes the plot and theme build so much and has great character development. This novel kicks off a compelling series of books, all of which readers will want to devour as soon as they finish I Am Number Four.


Harper, 440 pages

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