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Wonder by R. J. Palacio

February 11, 2016

WonderAugust Pullman is an eleven-year-old boy with nothing “normal” about his life. He has been home-schooled up until the first day of fifth grade. Auggie has a rare, genetic facial deformity that challenges his social experience. His first day, of school is an interesting one. He meets many people that are nice, but some others who aren’t-they stop and stare at him, but he makes it out alive. Auggie makes friends with Jack Will, Charlotte, and Summer, but makes enemies with Julian. Julian is a boy in his class who puts notes in his locker, tries to trip him, and goes out of his way to be mean. Auggie also has a amazing language arts teacher named, Mr. Brown. from whom he learns some very important lessons.

I love the way the R.J Palacio wrote this wonder-ful novel. When I read it, I couldn’t put the book down. I think that Palacio’s reason for writing it was that she wanted to teach children about growing up with a deformity and about kindness and friendship. It definitely taught me about kindness and made me want to be a better friend, too. Palacio uses different perspectives so a reader can relate to other characters besides Auggie. However, as a reader I enjoyed the “Auggie” chapters most because I felt like I already knew the other characters and wanted to learn more about Auggie.

Palacio wrote the books, Pluto, Shingaling, 33 Minutes, and That Was the River. The Fault in our Stars by John Green strikes me as a version of Wonder, with older characters. I think that Palacio and Green tried to put the same message across. After you read Wonder you should definitely read The Fault in our Stars. Wonder is an amazing book that both girls, and boys would love. It’s a book that I read over the summer of sixth grade, but I believe that anyone over ten could, and should, read this book.


Alfred A. Knopf, 316 pages.

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