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The Giver by Lois Lowry

February 27, 2022

Jonas is a perfectly normal kid in his seemingly normal town. A town where nobody will ever go hungry and where everybody has the perfect job, and life. Within this community, all law breaking citizens are “released” to keep the law abiding citizens safe. There are a set of strict rules set in place to make sure that no one feels any source of sadness, pain, or any other negative feelings. And although this world may seem perfect, Jonas comes to find that it is most certainly not. After being skipped at the ceremony of twelve, a newly twelve year old Jonas is picked for the honorable assignment of Receiver of Memory.  After only a few days on the job, Jonas starts to realize that his community may not be so perfect after all. What is release? What is beyond? Is this world really perfect, or is it more like an inescapable prison?

I appreciated reading this novel very much. One element that I personally enjoyed about this book was that this story was very cleverly written to let the reader gain knowledge along with the characters. A shocking plot point would surprise, not only the characters, but the reader as well. It helps readers feel more connected to the book and the characters within by having them solve small problems and try to think of clues and details along with the character that needs these problems solved.

Along with this, Lois Lowry captured the idea of something further than our everyday life. The word she used to do that was beyond. It draws the reader in to think about a better world, that may be closer than we think. This intrigued readers from across the globe. Even if Jonas’ final ideal of beyond may not be too different for us, as you may come to see with reading this book, it gives us a very important lesson — that we should be grateful for what we have, as some people strive for some of the most mundane or taken-for-granted aspects of our everyday lives. Maybe something like an office job or a family dinner with your annoying cousins, or even looking at the color of flowers on the side of the road— these would all be shocking and incredible for anyone in this messed up world. 

When preparing to read this book, I was excited, as many of my friends said it was incredible. After starting it, I was slightly confused, as the action in the story that I was told about was not there. But after reading a few more chapters, I saw that the dip in the action was essential to the plot. Even though it is slightly confusing, it is worth waiting a chapter or two to find out what is yet to come.

The Giver is an incredible novel filled with emotion, sentiment, and action. It is a life changing, heartwarming story. This amazing novel really has changed lives, and giving this book a chance could change yours. As you follow Jonas through this story, you grow to learn the importance of friendship, family, and love.


Harcourt, 225 pages

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