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Enrollment Process

CTL has been meeting the needs of all kinds of kids and families of the midcoast region for twenty-eight years. The first step in enrolling your child is to complete an application form and submit it with a $25.00 fee. This places your child in our applicant pool.

Each year we accept up to nine children in our kindergarten class. The deadline for kindergarten applicants for September’s class is April 30th of the previous school year. Beginning in February of the year preceding a student’s kindergarten year, we begin to schedule days for parents and their child to visit the school. They spend the morning with kindergarten teacher Caroline Bond and her class; then Caroline conducts an informal screening with the child, while parents meet with the lead teacher Anne Atwell Merkel, and the school manager Maggie Limm.

We almost always anticipate openings in grades 1-8. When we foresee openings for the subsequent school year, we schedule spring interviews with the children who have applications on file. Should an opening occur during the school year, we schedule interviews with applicants from that grade level at that time. We also notify all families with applications on file of our October and February open houses: we hope you will be able to join us for a Sunday afternoon tour of the school and a conversation about the teaching and learning that goes on here.

If you wish to visit CTL apart from the open houses, please call Maggie Limm, our school manager, to arrange a day to attend an all-school morning meeting (8:30-8:50), tour the facility, and observe the calm and productive environment, sense of engagement that pervades the school, and extraordinary teaching and learning that are trademarks of CTL.

Our admission policy weighs the following criteria: our assessment of the appropriateness of our program for the student, parental support for CTL’s curriculum and a willingness to be involved, and space availability. We accept siblings whenever possible.

The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national or ethnic origin. Nor do we seek gifted students, those who will be “easy” to teach, or children who have particular styles of learning or family backgrounds. We do, however, recognize our limits. CTL is a small, non-profit school without financial resources to provide a special education teacher or separate program for children who may require such services.

The tuition fee, which is kept as low as possible ($9,200 in 2017-18, grades K-8), is one-third that of such comparable Maine independent schools as North Yarmouth Academy and Waynflete. In addition, we award as much tuition assistance as possible, based on parental income for the previous year.

Unless a parent requests that his or her child be removed from the applicant pool, we keep a child’s application on file and consider him or her for admission to CTL as soon as there’s a grade-level opening.

Parents with applications on file receive announcements about the CTL open houses but should feel free to call the school at any time before then to ask questions or schedule a visit to a morning meeting.

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