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Dancing on the Edge, by Han Nolan

May 22, 2009

dancingedgeI rated this book a ten because Han Nolan puts you inside the mind of the main character, Miracle, and makes you care deeply about her chances in life and her problem. Now let me tell you about this problem. Miracle McCloy is a ten-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother Gigi and father Dane. Miracle believes in a world of spirits and places beyond the universe. But one night, Dane disappears into thin air, believed to have melted into the spiritual world. Miracle is never the same after Dane’s “melting.” All she wants to be is a normal ten-year-old. But for her, that is impossible. Miracle is obsessed with bringing Dane back to her and finding out the reason he melted. As the book progresses, she becomes mad with longing, filled with questions, and crushed by despair as she feels she should have died with her mother in her “miracle birth.” Miracle is no longer the once happy ten-year-old she was.

Since this book is in first person, everything Miracle says and thinks is unreliable. You never really know the truth from her maddening ideas. The spiritual world could be real or all in Miracle’s head. When Miracle finds something for the first time, so do you. This makes the story full of tension and surprises.

If you like books where the entire plot is sad and depressing, but has a happy ending, then this is the book for you. Han Nolan put in thoughts and feelings, and you could picture everything going on inside Miracle’s head. At the end, Miracle made a huge sacrifice that made her depression disappear and balance everything out, with the depressing parts offset by the hopeful happiness at the end.

Dancing on the Edge is a fantastic novel that everyone should read.


Publisher:  Harcourt Paperbacks, 244 pages

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