Fallen Angels, by Walter Dean Myers

Fallen Angels Imagine that it’s the middle of the Vietnam War, and you’re in the center of it. That’s how it was for Richard Perry in Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers. Richard is sent to the wrong place accidentally. He was supposed to go into a shipping company that works for the Army, but instead he ends up right in the Vietnam jungle in the middle of the war. While he’s there he makes friends with another guy in the Army whose nickname is Peewee, and the rest of the novel explores how they are trying to survive the war and how they are able to sustain their friendship.

I really liked this book because it had a great lead that included all of the background information that is needed to understand the whole plot. I also liked it because in some war novels the author gives away too much, which makes the story predictable. Myers kept it unpredictable by making readers figure out some things for themselves. I also really liked how Myers introduced each character at his own time and with his own story. For example, when Peewee is introduced they talk about where they come from and why they joined the Army. It is enough that you get to know each character without it getting too confusing. I also like how Myers gave each character his own background story.

I appreciated that Myers gave Perry problems that anyone in the Army could face. I liked this because I thought it made the book very realistic. Ulitmately, I enjoyed Fallen Angels for the plot and also for how well-developed the characters were.


Scholastic, 309 pages.

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    Wonderful book!

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