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The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

February 6, 2017

Enzo is not an ordinary dog, and he knows it. When Denny Swift, a professional racecar driver, adopts him, Enzo moves away from his life of standing apart from other dogs. From paying close attention to his beloved owner, Denny, and watching endless television, Enzo teaches himself more than the average person knows—about car racing, humans, and our confusing way of life.

As Denny and Enzo spend more time together, their trust in each other grows deeper, so Enzo is taken aback when Denny falls in love with Eve. But time goes on, and eventually Enzo grows to like Eve, as well as the couple’s newborn daughter Zoe, even though both of them seem to have edged in on his spot in Denny’s heart.

When Eve gets very sick and her parents try to take custody of Zoe, Denny gets into trouble, and Enzo can do nothing but stand back and watch as his family is ripped apart.

I liked how Stein balanced characters with completely different personalities, making readers feel like they were seeing the world through Enzo’s point of view: right with the family as they celebrated, crying with them as they cried, and suffering as their world fell apart.

At first, I thought that it was strange, or at least different, to be reading from this dog’s perspective that Stein had chosen, but as the novel progressed, the observations that Enzo had about being a human, or having the soul of a human, taught me a new way to think about our everyday lives.

It was interesting how Stein included obstacles for their family to face, while keeping the story realistic at the same time. This made the plot much more effective, because the characters resolved some of their problems, while others just couldn’t be fixed. These mixed outcomes created a heart breaking, yet much more believable story.

I also appreciated how Stein incorporated humor while writing this novel, because, even though at some points it felt like everything was crashing apart, the mood was lightened by Enzo’s powerful ideas and positive way of thinking

This book was an incredible blend of joy, despair and anger. It made me think about life differently, and I believe that anybody who reads this book will feel the same mix of emotions as this family is brought to life on the pages. Any reader who wants a convincing novel that will change the way he or she thinks about the world, will not be able to put this book down.



Harper Collins, 321 pages




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